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Don't Be Limited by Your Accounting Software

header-icon-account-300x199Your business is growing, you're dealing with more orders, higher customer demands, and increased competition. If you’re feeling out of breath trying to catch up, then your systems are feeling stressed too. There's no doubt about it, entry level accounting software is very easy to use, and you may be worried about the complexity of a more robust solution, but a more powerful solution for your business is waiting, one that works the way you do, improving productivity while scaling to fit your growing requirements.

While you were busy managing the growing demand for your products and services and meeting the increasing needs of your customers, you may not have noticed you are quickly approaching user or transaction limits in place within your software.

Limited User Roles and Security Actions.

QuickBooks does not enable users to set custom permissions for different types of users. The controls are activity-based rather than permissions-based, so if a user can edit invoices, they can edit any invoice connected to any account.

Dynamics 365 Business Central enables businesses to customize permissions. They can create a variety of user roles and types, giving them the control they need. It also allows them to create user specific menus, with functionality including processes, reports, and user defined tasks.

Limited Audit Roles

Dynamics 365 Business Central also supports web-based reporting portals with the ability to create user- and group-specific portal permissions.

Microsoft’s solution provides more accounting controls, including audit trails. In Dynamics 365 Business Central, a record must be reversed, rather than deleted, ensuring there is a valid audit trail.

Limited Reporting

From the ability to support a web-based reporting portal, to calculating and displaying business metrics, Dynamics 365 Business Central provides extensive reporting capabilities.

For example, in accounts payable, you can see more reports and analytics on open purchase orders and purchase comparisons.

In order entry reports, you can see a daily order analysis, cash receipts analysis, sales history report, and salesperson performance analysis.

These are just a few examples of the reporting capabilities Dynamics 365 Business Central includes

If your tired of the limits being placed on your business by your accounting software, now is the time to begin the search for solutions to manage the next chapter in your business. Easy to use and easy to deploy, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives small and mid-sized businesses, like yours, complete control over your business processes. So you can quickly, simply, and finally transcend the limits of your overworked and undersized accounting software.

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