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Dynamics NAV Deployment Options: the What, the Where, and the How.

Infographic Dynamics NAV Options for Deployment

Some of you are already quite aware of how the cloud works & what options you have for Deploying Dynamics NAV. However, there are those of you who may not.

For instance, did you know that you can take the NAV license you already own and put it in “the cloud”? if not, read on as we explain the What, the Where and the How for deploying Dynamics NAV.

The What is easy
 – You have 2 choices - BYOL (Bring Your Own License) or Subscription, also known as 
Software as a Service (SaaS). 

- Subscription: A monthly fee per user to access NAV - like renting an apartment, you don’t own it 
- BYOL: A one-time purchase of a NAV license. BYOL means you own the software and pay a                16% 
annual Microsoft fee on the SLP (Software List Price)

As for the Where – it can get a little complicated. There’s Hosting (what some call Cloud) in a dedicated environment such as the Competitive Edge Services’ Data Center or a shared environment such as Microsoft Azure. And then, there’s On-Premise.

Let’s start with On-Premise, that’s pretty easy, it’s where you have your own license and you put it on a server or your own data center, which is usually at your business’ location.

Azure Hosting: Azure is the Microsoft hosting site in which Virtual Machines (VM’s) are set up as either public or private. Azure pricing is a la carte and is based on sizing of RAM, number of VM’s, disk capacity, backup, required redundancy and selected support options.

Data Center Hosting:  Utilizing another hosting facility is also an option.  Many of them bundle in support and services such as patching, nightly backups, etc.

Then, there’s the How – With the help of Competitive Edge Services of course! If you would like to discuss your options when it comes to deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV, contact us today.


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