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Is QuickBooks Keeping up with the Demands of Your Business?

For most businesses, it makes sense to get started with a basic accounting software package such as QuickBooks.  But, then there comes a time when your business literally outgrows the software. You need systems that can keep up with and support new business opportunities and changing demands. Perhaps your business has a new division, needs additional functionality such as manufacturing or distribution or requires more detailed reporting. 

Why Should You Upgrade from QuickBooks?

There’s limits on users and transactions which your business can outgrow - and the desktop version has a data limit. When companies start hitting the high end of their limit, the system can become slow and sometimes unstable.   

QuickBooks is not GAAP compliant. GAAP compliance means that transactions cannot simply be deleted without having any record of that deletion activity. There are businesses such as non-profits that will need this level of compliance to ensure that the data is secure and less prone to fraud.

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise are built on different platforms than QuickBooks Online so upgrading is not seamless.  And, it’s built on a proprietary database which makes it hard to integrate with other systems.   

The software lacks depth when it comes to purchasing, inventory, distribution, and advanced reporting capabilities.

These are just a few of the reasons to upgrade. Download the infographic, courtesy of Microsoft, to find out more.

Download Infographic

Whatever the reason, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides the insight and tools you need to increase sales, simplify business operations, and keep employees productive.  And, there's never been a better time to switch - with affordable, low monthly payments, and a choice of deployment options including cloud. 

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